Shandong Qilong Offshore Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

                         ——OCEAN ENGINEERING——

    1、Qilonghas three submarine pipeline trenching machines OPE-S2000, OPE-D2000, OPE-N2000withindependent research and manufacturing,which can work under the pressure of 10~250KPa.



      2、Meanwhile, the company has1000T offshore floating crane, Del Mark tubular diesel pile hammer D80, D100, D160,D220 and multi action hydraulic impact hammers with independent R & D 630T hammer core. They can be used in the ocean engineering including offshorejacket construction and offshore oil production platform construction.


      3、Qilong hasa professionalservice team who can provide on-site technical guidance and constructionservices that is in accordance with customer’s requirements.



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Mon to Fri :7:00-24:00
Sat to Sun :7:00-24:00
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