Shandong Qilong Offshore Petroleum Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

               —TECHNICAL STRENGTH—

   Thecompany possesses hi-tech and advanced management.  We have acquired the manufacturingcertificate of special equipment of the People's Republic of China. We alsohave passed the certificate of API 2BAPI 5LAPI 16RAPI 7K and QHSE.

    We have passed the CNAS and possess the provincial lab ofconductor. The lab can take the experiment of drop weight tear test for rawmaterials, charpy impact test, bending test, chemical composition test, Metallographicstructure analysis of materials and hardness test. At the same time, we havethe various advanced equipment, for example, water press, ultrasonic imagingsystem, X-ray real-time imaging system, three-coordinates measuring machine, verticaltooling and autocollimator. All the above can help us to improve the yield andquality of the products.

    Our company constructs a successful partnership with Chinesesociety of Materials Science,China University ofPetroleum, Tianjin University of Technology, Xi'an pipe Research Institute andChina National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). Except that, there are manytechnical employees in the area of welding, machining, hydraulic, electricalautomation and nondestructive testing. They provide hi-tech and outstandingresearch ability and have achieved many successes in welding pipe manufacturingtechnology, conductor, quick fitting coupling and so on. Now, we have obtainedabout 30 national invention patent and utility model patent.

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Mon to Fri :7:00-24:00
Sat to Sun :7:00-24:00
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